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About Us

The Idea

TopDrillPress.com ambition started with one simple goal. We wanted to make the world of Drill Pressers easy to understand and empower everyday people trying to craft their own project the ability to make the right choices when choosing a drill press for their project.

The Beginning

It all began in 2016…

…And the world was a different place back then! When the decision was made to start this review blog, we had no idea that the world of DIY, in particular, power tools which in the past were never available for the everyday man and women who like to create their own projects inside their home or garage.

Our Mission

With this newfound interest in the world of drills, it’s more important now than ever that we can get the right advice without all the nonsense. There are plenty of people who would look to make a quick buck at the expense of providing false information. That’s why from the very beginning this site has been all about making sure people are given the information they need to make informed and research-backed decisions.

Things have changed a bit since the beginning. From what started as a simple hobby project, the site has grown massively, all thanks to our readers support. The team here at TopDrillPress.com has expanded rapidly in these past years, all so that we could provide you, our readers, with even more high quality, research-based health advice! Our team of writers invite you to look around and get to know the site, we’re certain you’ll enjoy what you find!

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