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2022 RYOBI Drill Press Review, Brand & Devices

Find out all you need to know about the RYOBI 10 Drill Press machine. We look closely at one of today's upcoming brands.
RYOBI 10 Drill Press Review

Welcome to this year’s RYOBI Drill Press Review. where we look at the brand and it’s devices in details.

You see, a drill press is one of the most versatile and powerful tools you can have in your toolbox. Not only can it drill precise holes in wood and metal, but also in other materials. However, if you are considering getting a drill press, you should know that they are not all built the same. Therefore, you need to find the best tool for the job.

Speaking of the best tool, you’ve probably heard of or encountered Ryobi drill presses. If you haven’t, Ryobi is one of the best value brands with a wide selection of tools. In this Ryobi drill press review, we look at some of the best options available on the market for this brand.


About the RYOBI Brand

Ryobi Tools is a brand of the Ryobi Limited brand. If you’ve seen these tools in stores, where they are sold exclusively. Previously, Ryobi sold its tools at Sears. The company purchased Diehl Motor Company, the former supplier of power tools to Sears, then sold its power tools to the retailer.

Ryobi Limited manufactured a wide array of products and was established in 1943. Over the past 70 years, the company has continued to innovate and has become a well-known power tool brand. Ryobi operates multiple manufacturing facilities with 12 facilities in six countries. The company has operated a single manufacturing facility in Shelbyville, Indiana.

In the 1980s and early 1990s, it was assumed that Ryobi’s tools were made in the U.S., but now they are primarily made in China. The U.S. factory is for the manufacture of many of the accessories Ryobi offers.

But you’ll find that it’s hard to beat the manufacturing price in China. Most big brands are outsourcing their manufacturing to China because it saves them a lot of money. (Here is a Ryobi 10 Review you might like to read)


Ryobi Drill Press Review

Ryobi DP103L 10 in. Drill Press Green

RYOBI 10 Drill Press
Ryobi DP103L 10 in. Drill Press Green
  • Excellent build quality for the price
  • Easy to adjust work table
  • Works with mortising accessories
  • Versatile tool
  • Not a professional level tool
Heavy-duty induction motor for long-lasting performance    
5-speed selections for various drilling applications    
Accurate laser alignment system for precision      
Rack and pinion adjustable table height for added versatility
Accepts mortising accessories for added versatility  

The Ryobi DP103L   drill press comes equipped with excellent features and is affordable at an unbeatable price. A key feature making this tool potent for almost any drilling task is its heavy-duty induction motor. As such, the motor can deliver incredible torque to help you get the job done with great ease. It’s designed to give you long-lasting performance due to its sturdy construction. In addition, the motor is easy to maintain as it does not have slip rings, brushes, or commutators.

It is also worth mentioning that this unit comes with a wide range of speed settings that you can choose from. For the price, you get 5-speed selections, which is a good value. So with the five speeds, you can choose high speeds for drilling wood and a lower rate for drilling metal. The best part is that you can select your preferred setting by simply turning a knob.

As a benchtop drill press, the Ryobi DP103L has a rack-and-pinion worktable. But the best part, the table lets you adjust its height to your advantage for added versatility. Plus, the table is roomy enough.  In addition, the worktable of this machine can tilt up to 360 degrees. This allows you to find the best angle where you can work comfortably. 

Another essential feature of this product is the convenient storage compartment it features. This compartment allows you to store wrenches conveniently and with easy access. It also allows for easy organization.  

The machine is also equipped with an exact line laser alignment system. This feature allows you to better target where you want to drill holes with great accuracy. In addition, it comes with a built-in work light that promotes optimal visibility of the work area. This means you can work comfortably even in low light conditions.

As if that weren’t enough, the tool is equipped with a lockable depth stop to allow repeatable applications. More importantly, you also get a hex wrench, chuck wrench, and two AA batteries in addition to the drill press. 

Ryobi ZRDP103L 10 in. Drill Press with Laser

RYOBI 10 Drill Press
Ryobi DP103L 10 in. Drill Press Green
  • Excellent build quality for the price
  • Easy to adjust work table
  • Works with mortising accessories
  • Versatile tool
  • Not a professional level tool
Heavy-duty induction motor for long-lasting performance    
5-speed selections for various drilling applications    
Accurate laser alignment system for precision      
Rack and pinion adjustable table height for added versatility
Accepts mortising accessories for added versatility  

The Ryobi ZRDP103L 10 in is similar to Ryobi DP103L 10 in. drill press, it is also a heavy-duty induction motor machine. As a result, you can expect long tool life and superior drilling power on various materials. 

But here’s the best part: the motor features 1/4 HP. So as such, it can provide higher torque and handle the bulk of tasks than the Ryobi DP103L 10 in. When it comes to the speed selections of this drill, you have 5 levels of variable speed settings to choose from. The minimum speed is 620 rpm, while the maximum speed is 3,100 rpm. This facilitates the drilling of different materials.

Plus, it’s easy to switch between speeds with a conveniently placed button. Also, you don’t have to worry about the drill wobbling or vibrating when it’s at full speed. In addition, the machine comes with a cast iron tilt table for durability. Plus, the table’s construction keeps the machine stable by reducing vibration.

The work table is designed to tilt up to 45 degrees for better control. It should make drilling easier than ever. However, the table height is not adjustable. Additionally, the Ryobi ZRDP103L has a built-in LED work light for better visibility. This means that this machine is safe to use even in low light conditions.

And according to various reviews, the light does a great job of illuminating the workspace. As a result, it allows you to drill accurate and consistent holes at different angles. This tool comes with an extremely effective laser system. The laser system provides guides on where to drill. Therefore, it allows you to drill accurate holes every time.

As if that wasn’t enough, the machine comes with a storage compartment where you can keep the chuck keys. It does not only allow easy organization of the wrenches but also their accessibility. In addition, the package includes a 1/2-inch all-metal wrench chuck that can accommodate most drills you encounter. Plus, the chuck feels solid and well-made.


  • Variable speed from 620 to 3,100 rpm for a variety of drilling applications
  • Integrated LED work light for optimal visibility
  • Cast iron tilt table tilts from 0 to 45 degrees without tools.
  • Variable speed from 620 to 3,100 rpm for a variety of drilling applications
  • Integrated LED work light for optimal visibility
  • Cast iron tilt table tilts from 0 to 45 degrees without tools.
  • 1/2″ all-metal keyed chuck with variable speed from 620 to 3,100 rpm for a variety of drilling applications.
  • 1/4 HP induction motor for long tool life and high drilling power

Know more about the Ryobi 10 drill press


  • An extremely efficient laser system
  • Worktable provides better control
  • Easy to use
  • Wide range of operating speeds
  • Excellent drilling power


  • Table height is not adjustable.

Ryobi Drill Press Buying Guide  

You might be wondering why we chose these two Ryobi drill presses. And how do you choose the best drill press from the many options available? 

Let’s take a look at the significant features to consider for the Ryobi drill presses we review. Those features are as follows:


The first consideration is the power of the drill press. It is commonly referred to in horsepower (HP). In general, machines with a high horsepower rating are so powerful and easily handle most tasks.

Adjustable work table

An adjustable work table can make a big difference in terms of how you do your work. That’s why it’s a good idea to buy a machine that features a work table that can be tilted at different angles.

Some models, like the Ryobi DP103L, can tilt up to 360 degrees, while others can only tilt 45 degrees. As a general rule, the more adjustable the worktable, the better so you can get a custom work angle.

Size of the Machine

If you have a lot of space or plan to drill larger objects, a stand-up drill would be a good choice. These larger machines sit loosely on their base, allowing you to free up workbenches for other projects.

Benchtop drills, on the other hand, are more compact. Some people find them easier to use for drilling small parts. If you can install one in your shop, it’s preferable a stand-mounted machine. This is because a drill press gives you more flexibility. But if you’re working in a small shop or on small precision parts, a benchtop drill may be more appropriate. 

Drill Chucks

Some drills have larger chucks than others as standard, others have the option to pick up larger chucks later as an additional accessory. It really comes down to what you are going to drill and how that may or may not change in the future. Larger chucks are obviously for larger drills and large holes and will not be as accurate for smaller drills. 

The key consideration is really to ask yourself if you are working on large or small parts and go from there.

Speed Control

Drill presses are usually supplied with different operating speeds. This is important because several materials require different drilling speeds. However, the best machine does not need to have many speed levels.

Therefore, we recommend that you purchase a drill with a minimum of 5 control speed levels. It is also essential that you choose a machine that allows you to shift smoothly from one-speed level to another.

Laser system

With a laser, however, you don’t have to move the drill table up and down to check the drill bit’s entry position, you can clamp the workpiece while continually checking the drill bit’s correct alignment.  

It is recommendable to look first for the best features of the drill press like speeds, power, accuracy. But if you can find a drill with a laser, it will certainly help. 

It is also interesting to know if the product comes with laser guides. This system allows you to drill in the perfect position by aligning yourself with the hole. In other words, it accurately centers your workpiece under the drill bit.

And if you’re just starting, you should consider a machine with a laser that is visible even in daylight.

Work light

Last but not least, you should pay attention to the work light. This feature will allow you to work in all kinds of conditions, including poorly lit areas.

The good news is that most drill presses come with a built-in LED work light to illuminate your workspace.

Bottom line

As we previously reported in this Ryobi drill press review, both models deliver value for money. However, many people like the Ryobi DP103L drill press, they like the fact that its worktable can be tilted up to 360 degrees and, its height is adjustable. In addition, it includes a laser system for precision drilling.

This Ryobi drill press, primarily aimed at the DIY market, this unit nonetheless has several features that put it well above its class. Including the worktable, an LED light and laser aligner make it easy to set up your workpiece, and the single clamp allows for easy height adjustment.

Gear changes are made using the regular belt system, and the 1/4 HP induction motor. The direct depth stop ensures accurate drilling depth, and a sturdy feed handle provides reassurance to the user. Owners reported a very little bit of shake and simple assembly.

Overall, this is a drill press for the do-it-yourself enthusiast, with plenty of features for fast, accurate drilling at a very reasonable price.

Are you seeking a tool that can drill holes of the same size and at precise angles? Well, the Ryobi drill press tools above are worth considering. These drill presses are not just constructed not only for long-lasting efficiency but also for multiple drilling purposes. In addition, the rate among the best drill presses on the market.


Ryobi 10-inch Review: Key Features

Ryobi DP103L has several impressive features, and few of them are unique to this tool. These features together make this model stand out from other brands.
The Ryobi 10 drill is an efficient drill press because of its lightweight and compact design moreover, it has a powerful motor and power package to complement its construction.
It features a 120V, 60Hz, 3-amp, 1/4 HP induction motor that provides ample torque for efficient and powerful drills.


This power provides variable speed operation (5 speeds) between 620RPM and 3100RPM, which allows matching various tasks with the needed speed. The instruction manual, and the internal housing of the drill press, features a comprehensive chart of the optimal setting for different materials and thicknesses. These adjustments are set by sliding the belt up or down to the spindle speed and then resetting the required material.


This drill press model has a 10″ swing capacity and a 2″ quill stroke. It holds a ½” metal chuck diameter and accommodates mortising accessories for additional functionality.

The adjustable depth stop feature allows you to perform repetitive drilling operations. Likewise, the rack and pinion table height adjustment will allow you to adjust the height of your tool for comfortable operation.


The Ryobi 10 is fairly easy to use because it is compact, flexible, and portable. It is one of the few models of drill presses that is a good recommendation for drill press users who are just starting. It is controlled by a switch located on the front of the tool. The base of this drill is made of cast iron for strength. Its durability reduces vibrations.

This drill press contains an integral three-jaw chuck along with an automatic ejector chuck key. Some may not be familiar with these chucks, as the drills use manual chucks. While there is more effort involved with a chuck design of this type in higher load situations, these chucks offer unparalleled grip and security of the bit.

The included chuck key allows the chuck to be adjusted as needed and has a mounting location on the drill press.

The table height is adjusted by releasing the table lock on the left side of the table and turning the lever on the right. Ryobi 10 includes pre-drilled holes for easy mounting.
The feed handles give the user the ability to raise and lower the chuck and bit during operation.

The depth gauge is located on the left side of the drill press and provides a depth indication, but also has a depth stop to provide repeatable and precisely controlled drilling depth.


One important thing you will notice is that the height of the table is perfect for your work. The height measurement of this table is perfect for you.

The height of the table is adjustable. You can use this table to make holes on the left and right sides by turning. The cast iron workbench offers a workspace for the part and dimensions 7-5/8 by 6-1/2.


The RYOBI 10-inch drill press has a few non-metal parts like any modern tool. The pulley housing cover is made of polymer (the green section of the drill), and the pulleys themselves are constructed of composite material.

Between the steel table and base, the construction of the rest of the unit, and the long-term performance of the pulleys, the build quality of this drill press is top quality.

Customer feedbacks

“I have used mine for three years solid and no issues. For the money, this is a good unit.”


This drill press model rotates 360 degrees and tilts from 0 to 45 degrees on both sides of the table to improve flexibility and increase application range.


Once you open the box, you will see that the product requires your attention for its assembly. Although the drill comes disassembled, it is not difficult to assemble all the parts because the components are easy and simple, you can place them in each other without difficulty.

Furthermore, the package comes with clear and easy-to-follow instructions and directions. However, some may find it a bit hard to do, especially if you have never done this before.
Overall, the assembly took about an hour.

The drill is fairly stunning, particularly for the price it comes at. Features such as the cast iron base and heavy-duty drive system are highly desirable. The chuck is indeed adjustable with the integrated chuck key.

That’s an important adjustment for those who use chucks more routinely featured in drills nowadays. Once you familiarize yourself with how they work, it’s fairly easy to spot the benefit of a tool like this.


The price of the Ryobi 10 drill is moderate.
It is an affordable drill press for those on a moderate/small budget. Its low cost does not compromise efficiency or quality as it has a high value.


Is this Drill Press Easy to Use?

This device is highly responsive to a wide range of requirements.
It has 5-speed selections drilling applications and, the 5-speed rates are useful for various drilling demands. This Ryobi 10 drill press helps you complete a wide range of drilling.

The heavy-duty induction motor is built with typical Ryobi Drill Press quality features and includes a 360-degree rotation capability.

It includes a built-in laser that marks the exact spot where the drill bit will go, which improves the accuracy and precision of drilling and cutting.

The Ryobi 10 inch also includes a built-in LED work light for optimal visibility. Likewise, the inclusion of a cast iron base reduces vibration, improving drilling accuracy and ease of handling.

It can accept mortising accessories for more versatility. This advantage will allow you to work in comfort. As you work, you’ll feel its power. This 10-inch drill press has a laser system for accurate line measurement. It is another quality. It offers you great precision.
The chuck key comes conveniently housed in a storage area for easy access.

How to use it?

We think we were able to provide all the information about the Ryobi 10-inch drill press review. But now, the important thing is to know its use. After buying this drill press, if you encounter any difficulties using it. There is no need to worry! Following these instructions will help you to operate your drill press.

First, set the table to the right side of your workstation. Then open the chuck, slide in the drill bit, and tighten the chuck by hand around the drill shaft. Next, you need to clamp the three jaws of the chuck with the wrench. Be sure to remove this chuck. If you ignore it, it can become dangerous when the drill starts. So, you must tighten the chuck, it is essential.

When drilling large holes, make a smaller hole first. When drilling a hole in a piece of wood, you may not need to adjust your depth gauge. If you are dealing with a fixed depth stop hole, go down to a certain desired elevation. Set the depth of the numbered pair at an appropriate prevention point within the fence.

Before working with your drill press, make sure the workpiece to be drilled is constant in the region. The rotation of the drill bit can also lead to an attempt to rotate the wood or steel workpiece. Therefore, you need to secure it to the worktable. Under no circumstances should the tool be used without firmly anchoring the workpiece.

Always be sure the drill is functioning at high speed. Then present the drill bit to the workpiece, reducing the bit by rotating the rotary lever. Once you have finished drilling the hole. Then release the tension on the lever and put it back in place. The mechanism will resume its original function.


Extra Features

The warranty offers for the Ryobi 10 include;

  • Three-year limited warranty on manufacturing and materials
  • 90-day exchange Policy
  • To take advantage of this warranty offer, just register your product within 90 days of purchase.

You will also need to show proof of purchase to take advantage of this offer. This offer does not cover defects resulting from misuse, mishandling, or repairs by unauthorized personnel.

For whom is it for?

The Ryobi 10-inch drill is a lightweight, durable and flexible tool designed to maximize the efficiency of your small to mid-sized drills.
This drill press model is suitable for DIY enthusiasts and professionals for their drilling jobs. It is equally reasonably priced for this segment of buyers.

Professionals and site contractors who need a drill press on a budget can avail of the services of this model.

It is also an ideal option for those people buying a drill press for the first time.

Should You Purchase Ryobi 10 Inches?

The Ryobi DP103L drill is recommendable for beginners, professionals, and other DIYers who need an efficient drill press with enough power for personal and commercial drilling operations.

Bottom Line

Ryobi DP103L is a 10″ drill press with an exact line laser alignment system and a lockable depth stop. It features a 1/4HP, 120V, 60Hz motor that offers 5-speed operation between 620-3100RPM. Its chuck capacity is ½ and is suitable for drilling various materials, including hardwoods and metals. It is an excellent model for all users.

If you are looking to purchase a drill press for yourself. Then this Ryobi 10-inch drill press article is for you. If you are going to spend money on a drill press, I suggest you buy a good one. Usually, most drill presses come with decent comfort. However, this drill press offers excellent convenience. It is definitely the right choice to make. It’s up to you to decide.


Most Asked Questions

Are Ryobi Drill Presses Good?

Yes, they are.

Is Ryobi Really a Good Brand?

Yes, it’s actually one of the best value brands. They have a great selection of products, and their power tool lineup is good.

What does the 10″ refer to?

It is the distance from the spindle center to the column edge, followed by a doubling of the distance. Simply put, it’s the largest diameter part the drill press can handle.

Where is the Ryobi 10″ Drill Press Made?

It is made in China.

How Many Years of Limited Warranty Does This Tool Include from Ryobi?

Ryobi comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

How is this Drill Press Powered?

It is an electric corded motor.

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